Signing of MoU

The MoU is intended to recognize the general basis for a cooperative and a collaborative working relationship between the two organizations. The purpose of MoU is to have mutual intentions to jointly work on projects required for industries and research needs, with learned faculty of good industrial experience and promising students, jointly agree to exchange their expertise for mutual benefit and growth, on the areas specified below:-

  • Industrial Visits
  • Placements
  • Internships
  • On job Training & special Technical Training to make the students industry-ready.
  • Guest Lectures
  • Technical guidance
  • Industry expert sessions, workshops, seminarsetc…
  • 3rd party training
  • Joint collaboration for Social activities
  • Joint collaboration for Environmental concise activities
  • On-site training
  • To assist smooth and easy working
  • Project development
  • Sharing of Infrastructure and other Resources
  • Holistic Development Activities like Yoga, Meditation, and Stress Management etc.
  • Staff Welfare activities

MOU List

Sr no MoU sign with Start date End date Duration
1 Yoga VidyaDham, Shirpur. 11-Oct-21 10-Oct-23 2 Year
2 Mission Catalyst, Bangalore. 16-Jul-21 15-Jul-24 3Year
3 Deesan TexFab Pvt Ltd. Shirpur.(DTPL) 20-Sep-19 19-Sep-24 5Year
4 Campus Credentials, Thane, Mumbai.(CC) 17-Jun-21 16-Jun-24 3Year
5 Men Against Violence and Abuse, Mumbai. (MAVA) 24-Aug-19 18-Aug-24 5Year
6 The Shirpur Peoples Co-Operative Bank Ltd.(SPCB) 08-Aug-19 08-Aug-24 5Year
7 Shirpur Warwade Municipal Council, Shirpur. (SWMC) 23-Oct-19 23-Oct-24 5Year
8 Global Talent Track Private Limited, Pune. GTT(LH) 01-Aug-20 01-Aug-25 5Year
9 Samyak Software, Mumbai.(esamyak) 25-Aug-18 25-Aug-23 5Year
10 Gram Panchayat, Vanawal. (Vanawal) 10-Jul-22 10-Jul-22 5Year
11 Maharashtra Centre for EntrepreneurshipDevelopment,Dhule (MCED) 16-Feb-23 15-Feb-24 1Year
12 Friends Union for Energizing Lives,Pune (FUEL ) 28-Sep-22 27-Sep-23 1Year
13 Adapedu Online Technologies Pvt Ltd. 12-Oct-23 10-Apr-23 6 Month
14 Infosys Limited, Bangalore. 05-Oct-23 04-Oct-28 5 Years

LOI List

Sr no MoU sign with Start date Duration
1 The Shirpur Education Society(SES), Shirpur 23 July 2022 1
2 TathyaTexfab Pvt Ltd, Shirpur. 07 Aug 2022 1
3 Deesan TexFab Pvt Ltd. Shirpur.(DTPL) 31 July 2022 1
4 Yogi CotexPvt. Ltd.,Shirpur. 23 July 2022 1
5 KrushnaCotexPvt. Ltd. ,Shirpur. 10 July 2022 1
6 The Shirpur Peoples Co-Operative Bank Ltd.(SPCB) 17 Aug 2022 1

MOU and LOI Activity Reports

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