Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurs are a key contributor in economic development and employment creation. “Make in India” & “Start –Up India” are two economic growth drive programmes introduced by the Government of India to encourage entrepreneurship development. Along with the Government, educational institutions are also playing a favourable role to strengthen the entrepreneurial mind-set among the students by turning job seekers into job creators. In the process of transforming students into ambitious and effective entrepreneurs, they are leading the nation towards industrial excellence, employment creator and self-reliance.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell at IMRD believes that entrepreneurial skill development is a powerful tool to empower individuals. The institute has established a full-fledged Entrepreneurship Development Cell in 2019, which addresses all the needs of students to become dynamic entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is a manifestation of the efforts, ideas, dreams and aspirations of every individual associated with it. We provide an opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs of our institute to develop necessary skills and traits to upscale themselves in entrepreneurship by organising various webinars, seminars, workshops, speaker sessions, challenging competitions etc. These programmes are aimed at making the student community more enthusiastic towards entrepreneurial activity.

Vision :

Entrepreneurship Development Cell aims to help in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurial spirit in students.

Mission :

To provide a platform for cultivating entrepreneurial skills in the form of entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, creativity and leadership skills among the students through consistent initiatives and to reach young entrepreneurs and assist them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Objective :

  • To educate students about entrepreneurship as a career choice.
  • To develop skills and competencies required for becoming an efficient entrepreneur..
  • To unfold innovative ideas out of the young entrepreneur’s minds.
  • To organize interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs.
  • To collaborate with various supporting bodies to accelerate entrepreneurial activities.
  • To organize and participate in business and entrepreneurship related events.

Business Consultancy Cell

Business Consultancy Cell of our institute is stepping into creating a bridge for knowledge transmission to government, public and private through consultancy services extended by its academic and technical staff. We also can make available our expertise to student entrepreneurs, community groups, educational institutes and business organizations in the shape of consultancy services by offering solutions for improving performance, resolving problems as well as suggestions for incorporating the latest trends.

Business Consultancy Cell at IMRDlooks forward to establishing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the industry, helping it to identify areas of concern and growth possibilities while also offering workable solutions for sustainable development.

Scope of Consultancy Services :

  • Consultancy Services may be offered to individuals, industries, service sectors, government departments in niche areas of expertise available in the institute.
  • Market survey, research and analysis.
  • HR related expertise.
  • Finance and investment related expertise.
  • Soft skills training and development.
  • IT supports.
  • Social media platform supports.

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