RCP IMRD CSI student branch

About CSI

  • Computer Society of India (CSI) was first introduce in the 06 March year 1965.
  • It is first and largest body of computer professionals in India.
  • A handful of IT enthusiasts who were a computer user group and felt the need to organize their activities. They also wanted to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on what they felt were a fast emerging sector. Today the CSI takes pride in being the largest and most professionally managed association of and for IT professionals in India.

CSI Vision

  • CSI is a non-profit professional society and meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas.
  • The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences.

CSI Mission

  • Facilitate Research, Knowledge Sharing, Learning and Career Enhancement among all categories of IT professionals. Inspire, nurture and assist students to integrate into the IT community. Percolate benefits of IT advancement to all sections of Indian Society.

CSI Student Branch, Shirpur Establishment

The Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Branch at RCPET's Institute of Management Research and Development in Shirpur was established on September 22, 2008, with a clear mission to foster a culture of technological innovation and knowledge sharing among students. The primary objective of this initiative was to provide a platform for students to enhance their computer science and information technology skills, engage in collaborative projects, and stay updated with the latest industry trends and developments. Through a series of seminars, workshops, and technical events, the CSI Student Branch aimed to create a vibrant community of young technologists. Over the years, the branch successfully achieved these goals, facilitating networking, learning opportunities, and professional development. As a result, students gained valuable insights and hands-on experience, enhancing their career prospects and contributing to the overall growth of the institution. The establishment of the CSI Student Branch at RCPET's Institute of Management Research and Development proved to be a significant milestone in empowering students to excel in the dynamic field of computer science and technology.

CSI Activities

  • Seminar
  • Expert Talk
  • Guest Lectures
  • Workshop
  • Poster Competition
  • Programming Competition
  • Software Exhibition
  • IT Tour

Computer Society of India (CSI)

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CSI Reports

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