Cultural @ RCP IMRD

R. C. Patel ET’s Institute of Management Research and Development nurtures encourages and provides a perfect blend of academics, sports and cultural activities. As of youth, it is a balance between academics and an all-round experience of vibrant active student life.

Students are highly motivated to nurture their interests, skills, talents in arts, dance, drama, photography, music, performing arts, painting, acting and so on. Cultural activities bring joy, fun, excitement, can act like stress busters, can encourage team spirit, and even provide leadership growth. But these cultural activities can also have a more profound impact.

For example, dance leads to better fitness, coordination, and flexibility, even better mental functioning. Art can bring joy to self and others help become more creative, help connect with others.

Cultural activities become a means of self-expression, and can lead to sense of beauty and aesthetics, a sense of fulfillment, feeling of achievement. Cultural activities open up myriad of opportunities for students and play a significant role in strengthening the multifaceted personality of students.

Institute Cultural Festival

A grand cultural fest of Institute, “RHYTHM” is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year with various events are conducted during this fest like the departmental antakshari, rangoli, treasure hunt, fashion show, cultural dance, painting, sketching, snap hunt, singing, open mic, debate, street plays and many more.

The event also give platform for various inter collegiate competitions like dance competition, street plays etc. Along with this a pre “RHYTHM” week activities are conducted.

These events are a wonderful blend of traditional Indian classical styles and Western music and dance styles. It showcases a beautiful Indian culture and heritage.

The whole campus becomes lively, energetic, vibrant, a happy place. The amount of talent on display is heartening, astounding and leaves one in awe and inspired.

Last word …

Art, dance, drama, music, literature, performing arts have a way to move hearts, touch souls and bring out inspiration, creativity, joy and contentment.The students have brought success, name, fame through their participation in various cultural, activities and this has led to a highly valued, appreciated and loved, lively vibrant campus life experience for students.

Objectives :
  • To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the hidden talents of students & to motivate them for participating in these activities which includes cultural & social activities for the overall development.
  • To provide the platform for Students to nurture performing art of theatre like drama, singing, music, dance etc
  • To develop a team for the participation for the events like Yuvarang (University Level Youth Festival), RajyaNatyaSpardha (State Level Drama Competition), Ekankika, One Act Play, Musical Competitions organized by –Cultural Department of Dhule District, Rang-Gandh, Rang-Bhasha, Sakal Publications, Loksatta Publications.
  • To enhance the soft skills (Listening, Verbal and Non-verbal Communication and Reading) of the students by conducting theatre activities.
  • To preserve legacy of Indian Musical Culture by motivating the students for actively participating in various events
  • To develop ‘Entrepreneurial’ aptitude, hobby as profession within the students by collaborating the skills, interest and knowledge. e.g. Sound Recording Studio, Light arrangement and effects using Computer Graphics, Applications etc.
  • To motivate students to participate in various competitions of Elocution, Debate, Poetry, One Act Play organized by various organizations at University Level and State Level.