Objectives :

  • To develop quality culture in the institute.
  • To review and restructure institutional processes.
  • To monitor the progress of institute as per vision and mission.
  • To ensure that progress of institute is aligned with perspective plan.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) :-

SN Name Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Vaishali B. Patil Chairperson (Director, RCPET's IMRD)
2 Mr. Rajgopal C. Bhandari Member, Management (Director- RCPET)
3 Dr. K. B. Patil Educationalist ( Former Vice Chancellor, K. B. C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon)
4 Mr. Vinay Bhandari Employer (CEO, Yogi Cotex)
5 Mr. Vinod B. Patel Local society Representative ( DBA, The Shirpur Peoples Co-op. Bank, Shirpur)
6 Mr. Manoj N. Behere Teacher Representative ( HOD MCA)
7 Dr. Manoj B. Patel Coordinator (HOD MMS)
8 Dr. Tushar R. Patel Teacher Representative (HOD, UG Programs)
9 Mrs. Vaishali A. Gorle Administrative Officer (Registrar)
10 Mr. Mahendra R. Patil Alumni Representative (Asst. Vice-President, Barclays Global Service Center Pvt. Ltd. Pune India.
11 Mrs. Gayatri M. Patil Alumni Representative (Sr. Senior Cyber security Engineer, in PSA, Singapore)
12 Mr. Nikhil H. Sojal Alumni Representative (Deputy Manager Marketing, Hcg Manavata Cancer Centre Nashik)
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