Master of Management Studies (MMS)

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A two year full time program(Comprises of Four Semisters) in computer management specially designed to provide skilled manpower to meet the growing demand of the Indian IT industry. M.M.S Program found very best interface for non computer background students, to stand firmly in computer profession.

A Master of Management Studies (CM) Computer Management is an advanced Post Graduation for those who wants to make their careers in IT & Management Sector. MMS (CM) is a two years full-time programme which imparts superior quality of teaching and training to students who are stranger in the field of computers and management. The course with current revised syllabus is very comprehensive and meets the current requirements of the IT industry, Commercial Industries, Government sector, Service sector, Banking, Account management and academics.


The main objective of MMS(CM) is to develop future managers/software developers/office support professionals, who would meet, the dynamic needs of the industry in a competitive and challenging environment. The program aims at providing expertise to students in different office support system and software development area.

The broad objectives of the Program are:

  • To equip the students with requisite knowledge, skills and right attitude necessary to provide effective software development skills in a global environment.
  • To prepare students for respectable career in the Software Design, Development & Testing. Also in Software Support, e-commerce, e-business, e-banking, e-services, e-governance etc. Or in business management domain where management is augmented by information communication technology.
  • To develop inter-twining competence in the field of Commerce and Management, Computing Skill and Computational Tools.

Job Opportunities :

MMS( CM ) students has a wide career scope in IT as well as Non- IT industries and Government & Private organizations. 2. They can develop career as Software Tester, Web Developer, Web Designer, Software Engineer, System Analyst, Team Leader, Project Manager, Database Administrator, SAP & ERP system in-charge etc. 3. MMS students has a wide scope in the field of Hardware & Networking. They can work as Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Hardware Engineer etc. 4. MMS Students have numerous opportunities in Banking & Insurance, Administration, Accounting & Management, Academics, KPO & BPO etc.

Eligibility :Graduate in any Discipline from a statutory University with Minimum 45% Marks. Fees : Rs. 25,000*/-:(Subject to Revise by Competent Authority) Intake : 60 Students Syllabus :-

Semester I
Course Code Subject Title
1.1 Principles of Management
1.2 Financial Accounting
1.3 Web Designing and Web Authoring Tools
1.4 ICT fundamentals & Office Automation
1.5 Programming in C
1.6 Lab - I (Based on 1.2 & 1.3 )
1.7 Lab - II ( Based on 1.4 & 1.5)
Semester II
Course Code Subject Title
2.1 Communication Skills
2.2 Management Information System
2.3 System Analysis and Design
2.5 Object Oriented Programming using C++
2.6 LAB-III (Based on 2.4)
2.7 LAB-IV (Based on 2.5)
Semester III
Course Code Subject Title
3.1 CRM & Digital Marketing
3.2 Cyber Security and IT Act
3.3 Graphics & Animation
3.4 Web Scripting with PHP and MySQL
3.5 C#.Net Programming
3.6 Lab - V (Based on 3.3 & 3.4)
3.7 Lab - VI (Based on 3.5)
Semester IV
Course Code Subject Title
4.1 Human Resource Management
4.2 E-commerce and M-commerce
4.3 Internet Computing with ASP.NET
4.4 Java Programming
4.5 Project Work
4.6 Lab - VII (Based on 4.3)
4.7 Lab - VIII (Based on 4.4)